What apps do Stratus portable receivers work with?

Stratus 3 is compatible with Stratus Insight, Stratus Horizon Pro, ForeFlight Mobile, and other apps that use the GDL 90 protocol. To activate this feature, enable the Open ADS-B Mode switch in the Stratus Horizon Pro settings page. Older Stratus portable receiver models work with Stratus Insight, Stratus Horizon Pro and ForeFlight Mobile.

All generations of Stratus receivers work seamlessly with Stratus Insight, our electronic flight bag (EFB).

Stratus 3 was designed using the GDL-90 protocol, meaning it will work with a variety of EFBs. It can be switched to “Open ADS-B Mode” within the Stratus Settings (found in our free app Stratus Horizon Pro).

  • ForeFlight Mobile (version 10.2.2).
App developers supporting Stratus 3 through the GDL-90 protocol:
  • Stratus Insight – Version 5.17.3
  • Stratus Horizon Pro – Version 2.0.3
  • WingX – Version 9
  • FltPlan Go – Version 4.7.10 for iOS, 4.9.2 for Android, 2.6.10 for Windows
  • FlyQ – Version 3.2
  • iFly GPS – Version 10.3
  • Airmate – Version 1.26
  • AvPlan EFB – Version 7.7.3
  • Xavion – Version 1.88
  • SkyDemon – Version 3.1
  • OzRunways
  • NAVIATOR – Version 3.9.1

If you have a question regarding Stratus 3 compatibility with a specific EFB, please contact the app developer.