Maps get blurry as I zoom in

If you’re in flight, your base map may be set to an online chart instead of an offline chart. Make sure that you are using a base map that does not require a data connection or that you are using a map that you’ve downloaded for offline use.

Base MapDescriptionData Connection Required?
VFR chartsVFR raster sectional charts from the FAA.Yes
Vector MapStratus Insight data-driven vector-based charts for in-flight use. Requires current Vector Base Map databases downloaded from the Download page.No
IFR LowLow-altitude raster IFR enroute charts.Yes
IFR HighHigh altitude raster IFR enroute charts.Yes
TerrainDownloaded raster terrain basemap.No
StreetOnline street maps.Yes
SatelliteOnline satellite maps.Yes