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Stratus 2S – Newly Overhauled


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Not only does Stratus 2S deliver subscription-free weather, dual-band ADS-B traffic and WAAS GPS information to your ForeFlight Mobile app, but the built-in AHRS technology also drives a very responsive pitch and bank instrument in the center of the Synthetic Vision view on ForeFlight. Synthetic Vision provides luminous terrain, night sky view and a brilliant obstacle awareness system, making AHRS an excellent backup for emergency situations.

Stratus 2S is wireless with an 8-hour battery life. It comes equipped with Stratus Replay (a feature that enables the device to store weather information even when your iPad is asleep), a pressure altitude sensor, and a built-in flight data recorder (for replaying your flights using Google Earth or CloudAhoy).

The kit includes a charging cable and 110V wall plug.


Appareo thoroughly tests all refurbished products to ensure they meet our performance standards. Supply is sometimes limited and immediate availability isn’t always guaranteed.

Stratus 2S has a 1-year warranty.

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Weight 2.15 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 6.5 × 4 in
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