How do I update my Apple iOS, ForeFlight, and Stratus receiver firmware?

Many issues are resolved by updating to the current version of Apple iOS, your flight app, and Stratus portable receiver firmware. Make sure that all applications are up to date by following the steps below.

Apple iOS


ForeFlight Mobile or Stratus Horizon Pro

  • Tap the App Store icon on your iPad home screen.
  • Tap Updates.
  • Tap Update on any flight app updates.


Stratus portable receiver Stratus Horizon Pro
Unless you disable the Auto-Download switch on the Firmware Update screen, the app will automatically check for firmware updates and download them when it is connected to the internet. To apply updates:

  1. Connect to the Stratus Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the Stratus Horizon Pro app. A message will alert you that there is a firmware update available. Tap Yes.
  3. When the firmware update is complete, power off and power on the receiver.


ForeFlight Mobile

  1. Go to the Stratus Status page.
    1. Tap Maps on the bottom navigation bar.
    2. Tap the settings icon at the top left of the screen.
    3. Tap the name of your Stratus receiver under the “Devices” heading to open the Stratus Status page. If the pop up menu says “Stratus Status” at the top, you are already on the Stratus Status page.
  2. See if there is a firmware update available under the top “Device” heading.
  3. Tap Tap to Update to install the update if one is available. If there is not an update, you will see your current firmware version.

For a video of how to update receiver firmware, see: